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Oahu Eats Guide: Honolulu’s Best Restaurants & Food Experiences

Discover the best places to eat on the island of Oahu

I bet you’re looking forward to your Hawaii vacation and have spent countless hours organizing your flights, accommodation, tours and activities. But what about planning where to eat?

Don’t leave the most delicious part of your Hawaii holiday up to chance!

Let me take the guesswork out of where to dine on Oahu. After six years eating my way around the island, I’ve downloaded my insider foodie advice into this guide.

Get ready to drool over incredible eats, many you’ll be learning about for the first time. This purchase will turn your next trip to Hawaii into an unforgettable eating adventure!

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What You’ll Get

  • The Oahu Eats Guide epic dining directory, 65-pages in PDF format.
  • ‘Clickable contents’ to help you quickly link to the top places to eat across 38-categories.
  • A key that identifies if each restaurant has vegetariangluten-free and/or kids menu items. It also highlights places that are suitable celebrationsdate nights and/or group dining.
  • Recommendations include a budget guideline, so you can tell cheap eats from fine dining.
  • An introduction to Hawaii Regional Cuisine, the top Chefs and restaurants in the field.
  • An explanation of traditional Hawaiian food and the most authentic Hawaiian eateries.
  • A list of the best culinary experiencesfood trucks and Happy Hour meal deals, to name a few.
  • Extra handy tips are also provided throughout the guide.
  • BONUS: A catalogue of Oahu’s notable neighborhood eats, 22-pages in PDF format.
  • This guide is fully revised as at July 2021 and is set to be updated every 6 months. Anyone who buys the Oahu Eats Guide will get a 50% discount off any future editions.

Peek a Peek Inside

Here’s a sample of the Oahu Eats Guide and Notable Neighborhood Eats bonus section. No email required.

Please note, this is NOT a printed book – it’s an eBook in PDF format. As soon as you purchase it, you will be able to instantly download the guide digitally and read it on computer, tablet, or mobile devices.

What Readers Are Saying

“A wonderful compilation of recommended eateries throughout the island, especially helpful for foodies like me! I can’t wait to try so many of these places on my next trip to Oahu!” – Diana

“Love it! So good! Such helpful categories! So useful!” – Trevor

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