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The Hawaiian Islands play host to incredible one-of-a-kind festivals and events.

Hawaii events can provide visitors with a valuable insight into the destination, its people and island life, history, culture, music, cuisine, sports, arts and crafts, environment and so much more.

Enrich your next Hawaii holiday by attending one of the many local Hawaii festivals and events.

To find out what’s on across the Hawaiian Islands The Hawaii Admirer produces a monthly Hawaii events calendar.

What’s On Hawaii is a FREE monthly calendar of Hawaii events carefully curated for holiday-makers to highlight what’s on during their stay!

Signature Events

Throughout the year major festivals and events draw thousands of people to Hawaii from around the world. These Hawaii signature events are the “big ones” on the destinations annual calendar. Try to book your holiday to coincide with one of these events, it will be sure to enhance your Hawaii experience.

Sentry Tournament of Champions (Golf), Maui, TBC Jan 2020
Sony Open in Hawaii (Golf), Oahu, TBC Jan 2020

Chinese New Year Celebrations, Statewide, Various
Panaewa Stampede Rodeo, Hawaii Island, TBC Mar 2020
Pow Wow, Oahu, TBC Mar 2020
St Patrick’s Day, Statewide, 17 Mar 2020
Superbowl Watch Parties, TBC Mar 2020
Valentine’s Day, Statewide, 14 Feb 2020
Wanderlust, Oahu, TBC 2020

Honolulu Festival, Oahu, 6-8 Mar 2020
Mardi Gras, Statewide, TBC Mar 2020
Prince Kuhio Day Celebration, Kauai, TBC Mar 2020

Easter Good Friday, Statewide, 21 April 2019
Merrie Monarch, Hawaii Island, 21-27 April 2019
Waikiki Spam Jam, Oahu, 27 April 2019

Lei Day Celebrations, Statewide, 1 May 2019
Cinco De Mayo, 5 May 2019
Golden Week in Hawaii, 27 April-6 May 2019
Mother’s Day, Statewide, 12 May 2019
Memorial Day, Statewide, 27 May 2019

Pan-Pacific Festival, Oahu, 7-9 Jun 2019
King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade, Oahu, 9 Jun 2019
Maui Film Festival, Maui, 12-16 Jun 2019

Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture 2020, 10-21 June 2020

Prince Lot Hula Festival, Oahu, 20-21 Jul 2019
Koloa Plantation Days, Kauai, 19-28 Jul 2019

Duke’s OceanFest, Oahu, TBC Aug 2019

Aloha Festivals, Statewide, TBC Sep 2019

IRONMAN World Championship, Hawaii Island, 12 Oct 2019
Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, Hawaii Island/Maui/Oahu, 5-27 Oct 2019
XTERRA World Championship, Maui, 27 Oct 2019
Halloween, Statewide, 31 Oct 2019

Hawaii International Film Festival, Oahu, TBC Nov 2019
Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Hawaii Island, 1-10 Nov 2019
Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, Oahu, TBC Nov-Dec 2019
Maui Invitational (Basketball), Maui, 25-27 Nov 2019
Thanksgiving, Statewide, 28 Nov 2019

XTERRA Trail Run World Championship, Oahu, TBC Dec 2019
Honolulu Marathon, Oahu, 9 Dec 2019
The Hawaii Bowl (NFL/Gridiron), Oahu, TBC Dec 2019
Diamond Head Classic (Basketball), Oahu, TBC Dec 2019
Hawaii Open (Tennis), Oahu, TBC Dec 2019
New Years Eve, Statewide, 31 Dec 2019