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Where Can I Buy a SIM Card for Hawaii?

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If you’re in need of a Hawaii SIM card for an upcoming trip, either purchase a U.S. prepaid SIM card before you leave or get one when you arrive in Hawaii.

Before You Go

There are plenty of companies that sell prepaid SIM cards for use while travelling overseas.

SimCorner is a great option. They offer country-specific international prepaid SIM cards, this means you can be ready to go before you get on the plane! You can purchase a U.S. SIM card through SimCorner online and have it mailed out to you.

With the U.S. SIM cards, SimCorner does all of the set up for you. You just need to provide arrival and return dates of your trip when ordering and they’ll have it ready to go for that timeframe. When you get to the U.S. just insert the SIM card into your phone and voila! My family uses this company when they visit me in Hawaii (from Australia) and it’s worked like a charm.


While in Hawaii

If you want to get your U.S. SIM card in Hawaii, there are two convenient places in Waikiki that can help you.

Hoku Wireless | Daily 8am-10pm
OHANA Waikiki East by Outrigger
150 Kaiulani Ave Suite #L17, Honolulu
[email protected]

SIM Cards Hawaii | Daily 7am-8pm
Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
2552 Kalakaua Ave/120 Ohua Ave, Honolulu
 [email protected]

If you are outside Waikiki, locate your nearest AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon store for U.S. prepaid SIM card assistance.

Hawaii Store Locator

Hawaii Store Locator

Hawaii Store Locator

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