Hawaii Best Tattoo

Where is the best place to get a tattoo in Hawaii?

A list of the best Hawaii tattoo parlours including Hawaii Skin Deep Tattoo, Sacred Art Tattoo and Tattoolicious, as recommended by past visitors.


I’ve never had a tattoo in Hawaii so I like to recommend that visitors take a look at Yelp as a starting point for Hawaii tattoo research. Yelp is Hawaii’s go-to for peer-rated everything including tattoo parlours. You can check ratings, read reviews and see photos of the artists work. Visit yelp.com or download the Yelp app and search “tattoos” in the applicable location e.g. Honolulu.

Fan Advice

I also asked fans on The Hawaii Admirer Facebook page for advice and personal recommendations on getting a tattoo in Hawaii. The following businesses came highly recommended, in order of popularity.

Oahu Tattoo Shops

Skin Deep Tattoo
• Sacred Art Tattoo
Electric Paradise Tattoo
• 808 Tattoo
Koi Tattoo
Queen Street Tattoo
Tattoo Krew Ink
Old Ironside Tattoo formerly Sailor Jerry’s Tattoo Shop
Hale Nui Tattoos
• 434 Tattoo Waikiki
• Soul Signature
• Victorian Tattoo
• Tattoo Hawaii

Maui Tattoo Shops

Zen Tattoo

Kauai Tattoo Shops

Ironbridge Tattoo


• Book your appointment well in advance and make sure it’s at the end of your holiday so you don’t miss out on the sunshine or swimming!
• There is an annual Pacific Ink & Art Expo in Honolulu every August where visitors can meet master tattooists and see their work.